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ECMC 25th Anniversary Celebration

ECMC25 Program Book

From October 2006 through May 2007, the Eastman Computer Music Center (ECMC) of the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York will celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the founding of its studios and programs with a special series of concerts, multimedia exhibitions, installations, talks by distinguished guest artists, and more. Download the concert series book in Adobe PDF format.

Upcoming Events
Wednesday, May 2 at noon
Concert 8
New Works For Bells

Sampling the Hopeman Memorial Carillon

[1] Electroacoustic Music Competition
To identify innovative works by emerging and accomplished electroacoustic composers and by performing and video artists, the ECMC concluded an international electroacoustic music competition last year. Imaginative musical and multimedia works by the competition winners, including

are included in our anniversary season concerts. We will also perform honorable mention works.

[2] Visiting Guest Artists

For its 25th anniversary celebration, the ECMC is honored to host a distinguished group of internationally known composers, researchers, and performers. Each guest has made significant contributions to the development of creative, expressive, technical, and esthetic resources available today to composers, performers, and scholars of computer and electroacoustic music. By their contributions, each has also enriched the experiences of audiences for the growing and remarkably varied repertoire of electroacoustic music and multimedia production.

As we celebrate the history of the ECMC as well as the accomplishments of musicians and former students who have used ECMC resources over the years, it is our privilege to personally acknowledge the achievements of these internationally recognized artists and researchers who have given generously of their talents, insights, and energies to the field.

Guest composers

Guest researchers and software/hardware developers

Visiting performing artists

Video and sound installation

ECMC Alumni

We are proud of the many former staff members and students pursuing active careers as composers, as performers (some listed above), teachers, studio directors, software developers, writers, and contributing in various other capacities to music.

If money grew on trees, we would invite all of our alumni friends, or at least several dozen, to return for our celebration. Lacking such resources, we have invited a representative group of accomplished composers and performers for performances of one of their works.

Our concert series will include works from ECMC alumni composers

[3] The Concert Series

[4] Lectures, presentations and informal talks by our visiting artists

[5] Installations, exhibits and additional events

[6] Retrospective

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