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October 27 2014 Concert

The ECMC's fall 2014 concert, to be presented in Hatch Hall on Monday, October 27 at 8:00, will feature members of the Switch~ ensemble performing A Menacing Plume and light on water by our visiting guest composer Rand Steiger. More information on this concert, and the complete program of works to be presented, will be posted here in coming weeks.


Established in 1981 by Allan Schindler as an outgrowth of the former electronic music program at the School, the ECMC provides digital audio and computing facilities for the realization of compositional, performance, multimedia, theoretical and other types of musical projects by Eastman, University of Rochester and visiting faculty, students, musicians and researchers. Currently, the Center supports creative and instructional work by about thirty users annually. Between 40 and 50 % of these users are composers; another 25 % or so are musical performers; our remaining users include music theorists and jazz studies, music education, science and liberal arts majors. A history of the first 25 years of the ECMC can be found here.

The two central functions of the Eastman Computer Music Center are:

  • our artistic mission
    to provide professional and innovative audio and computer resources in support of the creation and public performance or presentation of creative and research projects of the highest musical and technical quality.
  • our educational mission
    to teach and to help disseminate the use of these resources to student, professional and area musicians of varying specialties, interests and prior experience, and to audiences of similar diversity, in a manner that encourages each partici pant to explore and to stretch his or her own musical capabilities and artistic vision.

Given the wealth of solo, chamber and large ensemble performing talent at Eastman, many of our projects involve collaborations, from the conceptual stage through eventual concert presentations and/or recordings, between composers and performers or performing ensembles. Many works created and premiered at the Center have subsequently have won international awards and have been included on commercial compact disc and DVD recordings.

The Center also seeks to foster artistic collaborations between musicians and film makers, choreographers and dancers, literary and theatrical artists, and professionals and students in a variety of other other fields. ECMC users have collaborated on hundreds of projects with choreographers from the Graduate Department of Dance at Graduate Department of Dance at SUNY Brockport, with filmmakers from the School of Film and Animation at the Rochester Institute of Technology and with independent artists and artists in a variety of disciplines from other area schools.

The ECMC sponsors a yearly concert series as well as a series of lectures and presentations by visiting artists. Recent ECMC guest artists have included John Chowning, Jean-Claude Risset, Dexter Morrill, Juraj Kojs, Perry Cook, Luis Antunes Pena, Paul Koonce, Miller Puckette, Curtis Roads, Brian O'Reilly and Steve Everett, as well as such ECMC alumni as JoAnn Kuchera-Morin, Craig Harris, Greg Wilder, Nathaniel Bartlett, Kevin Ernste, Nicholas Scherzinger, Patrick Long, David Demsey, Mikel Kuehn and Deborah Norin-Kuehn. Additionally, the Center provides technical support for about 40 concerts, recitals and other events each year that are sponsored by other Eastman and community organizations.