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Below are links to frequently used applications and documentation for the ECMC studios, organized by category and/or course number. If any of these links do not work or are out of date, please inform our webmaster (at


CMP 225-226: Introduction to Computer Music

ECMC Studio Documentation
Soundfile Editors, Processors and Mixers
Software Synthesis and Sampling
    (The two user forum sites below are more useful for advanced than for beginning users.)
  • Native Instruments Kontakt user forum page
  • Native Instruments Reaktor Manual
  • Native Instruments Reaktor user forum page

Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software
Signal Processing Plug-ins
Real Time/Interactive Programming Environments
Composer's Desktop Project (CDP)

CMP 421-422: Advanced Computer Music Techniques

ECMC Studio Documentation Csound Csound Utilities Analysis and Resynthesis Sound File Editors Ardour : Sound File Mixer/DAW Real Time/Interactive Programming Environments
Plugins (Linux)
  • JACK (JACK Audio Connection Kit)
  • Links to JACK clients
  • LADSPA (Linux Audio Developer's Simple Plugin API)
  • Jack-Rack : effects "rack" for JACK ; poorly documented; see also the discussions of jack-rack and Rakarrack Here
  • Freqtweak : FFT-based realtime audio spectral manipulation tool
  • JAMin : Jack Audio Mastering Interface
  • Rakarrack "guitar" effects processor, somewhat like the GT-3 in the ECMC MIDI studio

Ambisonic Processing Text editors: Audio encoders: