sound, trees, meadows (2021-2)
wind ensemble played outdoors

Robert Morris

Program Notes

sound, trees, meadows was designed to be performed out of doors in Durand Eastman Park and lasts 57 minutes. It was commissioned by the Eastman School to celebrate its centennial year. Like my other outdoor pieces, it creates a serene sonic environment that reflects on a peaceful relation of humans to nature.

sound, trees, meadows is scored for the instruments in the Eastman Wind Orchestra, but the whole ensemble is divided into smaller groups of instruments that play at various locations. The instrumentalists also walk independently from one location to another during the performance. A map of the performance space is given on the last page of this program.

The various groups of players perform 34 “events” that are overlapped in various ways, so it is rare if only one event sounds alone.

The sounds in this piece are not like concert music played indoors. Rather, they are processes of continual sonic change that both reflect and resonate with the sounds found in outdoor places—in this case, the woods. For instance, the slower tempo of outdoor events (such as clouds passing) or the faster tempos (of birds and insects) enlarge our sense of time, either passing or momentarily stopped. Any natural sounds that may occur during the performance are welcome additions to the piece.

The audience is invited to move about the performance space as they will.

The Sept 18, 2022 Performance in Durand Eastman Park

sound, trees, meadows was performed twice at 1:30 and 2:30 pm. A map of the perfomance area is found above. Performers moved individually and in various ensembles from one location to another throughout out the 57 minute duration of the composdition.


Conductors of sound, trees, meadows

Luke Poeppel

Luke Camarillo

Mason St. Pierre

Thanks to

Jamal J. Rossi, Joan and Martin Messinger Dean of the Eastman School of Music

Mark Scatterday, Director of the Eastman Wind Ensemble

Kevin Gibson, Executive Director of Operations, Eastman School of Music

Jessica Kaufman, Director of Communications, Eastman School of Music

Derek M. Smith, Special Events Coordinator, Monroe County Parks