Robert Morris


Pictures of the Premiere

audience awaiting the downbeat

Strings performing "Autumn song"

Symphonic Band plays "In good time"

Westhill High School Chorus performs "Water-fowl" with Open Hand Theater puppets floating above

Syracuse Children's Chorus assemble to sing "Heart mantra"

Wind Ensemble completes "First among equals"

low strings play "up to the minute"

the quad at the half-way mark

The Syracuse Children's Chorus and the Syracuse University Woman's Choir sing "There was a child"

The Symphonic Band playing "Wake up calls"

The Society for New Music ensemble plays "Small scale society" scattered over the quad

The Women's Choir moves to their next performance location

The quad at about the two-thirds mark

The Wind Ensemble plays "Far and wide"

(photo credits: Dora Hanninen, Ellen Koskoff, Robert Morris.)