Four or Five Mirrors
quadraphonic computer generated sounds

Robert Morris

Program Notes

The mirrors are the four locations for the sounds or the five sections of the piece, each of which reflect the musical content of any of the other "mirrors." This holographic metaphor was suggested by the expedient actions of the Chinese sage Fa-tsang, who, when pressed by uncomprehending students, devised a special room fitted with mirrors on all surfaces (including the ceiling and floor) containing a single lit candle. This spiritual diorama was a demonstration of the interpenetration of all "dharmas" (things and laws). In any case, the resolution of form and content, entity and relation, is at issue in this piece, the perception of which, like any other object of contemplation, mirrors the attention it receives.

Four or Five Mirrors was premiered at the Composer to Composer Festival at the Telluride Institute in July of 1990.