Twenty-Four Fragments (2017)
diverse instruments

Robert Morris

Program Notes

These short solo pieces may be used as preludes, interludes, postludes, encores, as part of a concert among other compositions by the composer or other composers.

The Fragments are named by Greek letters in order of their dates of composition from February 18 to May 5, 2017.

Alpha for Flute
Beta for Clarinet in Bb
Gamma for Vibraphone
Delta for Horn in F
Epsilon for Guitar
Zeta for Harpsichord
Eta for V’cello
Theta for Oboe
Iota for Violin
Kappa for Marimba
Lambda for Viola
Mu for Trumpet in C
Nu for Soprano Sax
Xi for Bass Clarinet in Bb
Omicron for Euphonium
Pi for Celesta
Rho for Baritone Sax
Sigma for Bassoon
Tau for Tenor Sax
Upsilon for Alto Sax
Phi for English Horn in F
Chi for Double Bass
Psi for Trombone
Omega for Piano