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Robert Morris

Instructions and Pictures

This website contains information for the conductors and performers of Robert Morris's composition SOUND/PATH/FIELD, a multimedia, multiple ensemble piece to be performed outside on the Quadrangle of Syracuse University on Sunday, September 24 at 3 pm.

SOUND/PATH/FIELD lasts 90 minutes and is scored for four choirs, three instrumental ensembles, contemporary music ensemble, organ, and puppet theater. The ensembles are stationed and play independently at various locations on the Quad, moving from one place to another over the duration of the piece. Two events occur indoor in Hendricks Chapel, a concert piece for organ entitled "Canonical Minutes" and a composition for the Society for New Music Ensemble, entitled "Society Sound." The entire piece is organized and coordinated by a cycle of notes that emanate from the University Chimes in Crouse Hall.

To download a general description of the composition click HERE.

To download information about the notation of the composition, click HERE.

On the following map, the capital letters indicate the locations on the quad at which the ensembles play.

To download this map click HERE.

To download a chart of the schedule of events in the entire composition click HERE. (Note for printing: this chart is 8.5 X 14 in landscape orientation.)

Below are photographs of the locations used in the composition. (The photograph at the top of this web-page is of the quad from an upper floor of Link Hall (Location F) with Hendricks Chapel (Location L) directly across the quad. The place of crossing paths on the bottom is the Location Q.)

Please be patient; it will take time for all the photos to load.

Location B (Maxwell)

Location C (Eggers)

Location D1 (HBC)

Location D (in front of between HBC and Hinds)

Alcove at D (edge of Hinds)

Location E1 (entrance to Hinds)

Alcove at E1

Location E (corner of quad at Machinery)

Location F (Entrance to Link)

Location G1 (near edge of Link)

Location G (near entrance to Shaefer)

Location H (Moses frieze in back)

Location K (at the Orange Grove)

Location I (in front of statue)
(Location J is behind statue)

Location J (on stairs of Carnegie)

Location M (Physics entrance)

Location L (stairs of Hendricks Chapel)
Location L1 is before trees in front by the grass

The next set of photos show views of the quad from four locations.

A view of the quad from Location D

A view of the quad from Location F

A view of the quad from Location K

A view of the quad from Location L

Here are photos of some paths between locations that ensembles will walk over or perform on.

Path DI (path between D and I)
viewed from Location I

Path EQI (path from E to I via Q)
viewed from Location E

Path G1QD (path from G1 to D via Q)
viewed from Location G1

Pictures of statues at five locations.

Statue near Location D

Statue within Location K
(Orange Grove)

Statue between Locations I and J

Statue near E

Statue (art work) near Locations M and L