Recordings of Music by Robert Morris

Compact Disks

Quattro per Quattro
Momenta String Quartet
Benjamin Boretz Qixingshan Robert Morris Quattro per Quattro Open Space CD 32.

Brett William Dietz, orchestral bells
Nocturne: brett william dietz Cat Crisis Records.

Cold Mountain Songs; Wye (Lynes Composed for Tinturn Abbey)
Deborah Norin-Kuehn, soprano
Margaret Kampmeier, piano
Nature, Music, East, West Open Space CD 30.

Odds and Ends
Ashlee Mack, piano
Milton Babbitt: A Composers' Memorial PNM/OSM 3.

This Bubble of a Heart
Settings of poems by Gary Snyder
Karen Clark, soprano, Galax Quartet
On Cold Mountain: Songs on Poems of Gary Snyder. Innova 795.

Four performances of Rapport (1973-75)
Improvised live electronic music based on 70 pieces of world music
David Mott, tape delay system, Robert Morris, synthesizer.
Open Space CD 26 (double CD).

Lecture on MA
Recorded talk on Robert Morris's MA (computer-generated sounds (1992))
including a recording of MA at the end.
Yank Gulch YGM-08.

Society Sound
The Society for New Music Ensemble, Cynthia Johnson Turner, conductor
Serendipity: society for new music. Innova 719.

Electronic music composed with Wayne Slawson at the Yale Electronic Music Studio (1970-71)
Yank Gulch GYM-07.

Thunder of Spring over Distant Mountains
Electronic music composed at the Yale Electronic Music Studio (1973)
Yank Gulch GYM-06.

Margaret Kampmeier, piano.
Music Around Ben Boretz: Open Spaces 2005 Open Space CD 20.

Still; On the Go; Fourteen Little Piano Pieces; Out and Out; Meandering River: About the Same
Marianne Gythfeldt, clarinet; Margaret Kampmeier and Solungga Fang-Tzu, piano.
Music by Robert Morris Albany TROY779.

Nine Piano Pieces; Tête-à-Tête; Wabi
Margaret Kampmeier, piano; William Anderson and Oren Fader, guitars.
Robert Morris. Open Space CD 14.

Yvonne Chavez Hansbrough, flute.
American Flute Music: Leaving the Twentieth Century. Fanfare CD 00022-1.

Robert Dick, flute.
Ladder of Escape 5: Robert Dick, Flutes. Attacca Babel 9158-1.

Robert Dick, flute.
Track 18 of CD accompanying Music Cultures in the United States:
An Introduction.
Ellen Koskoff, ed. New York and London: 2005.

To the Nine
Todd Seelye, guitar.
Sheer Pluck. Music and Arts of America CD-1032.

Motet on Doo-dah
Harvey Sollberger, flute; Daniel Schulman, piano; Donald Palma, bass.
New Music for Virtuosos. New World Records 80541-2.

Broken Consort in Three Parts
New Millennium Ensemble.
H.C.E. (Here comes everybody). New World Records NWR772

Three Musicians
Jacqueline Leclair, English horn; Michael Lowenstern, bass clarinet; Susanah Chapman, cello.
New Music Series; Volume 4. Neuma 450-102..

Abah Abah Tenun
Kesatuan: Karen DeWig, flute; Ingrid Gordon, marimba
Figures in a Lanscape. Centaur CRC 2467.

Inter Alia for flute, oboe, and cello; Karuna for cello and piano
The Huntingdon Trio.
the Huntingdon Trio. New World Records NWCR484.

Phases for two pianos and photo-cell mixers
William Albright and Robert Morris, pianos.
Hammers and Bows. New World Records NWCR346.

Night Sky Scroll; Four or Five Mirrors; MA; About the Same
Four Computer Music Compositions. Morris Music.

LP Records

Hamiltonian Cycle: Saxophone
David Mott, alto saxophone.
From Distant Places: David Mott, solo baritone and alto saxophone. Music Gallery Editions MGE 35.

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