Electroacoustic Compositions
Call It What You Will (2012)
Milton Babbitt In Memoriam
For Violin, Piano, and Computer — 10:30
Zuzanna Szewczyk-Kwon, Piano
Chun-Chim David Leung, Violin
Parallel Circuit (2010)
Saxophone Quartet and Electronics — 20:00
Doug O'Connor, Soprano Sax
Brandon Kies, Alto Sax
Gai Qun, Tenor Sax
Quinn Lewis, Baritone Sax
Miasmata (2008)
For three performers playing recorders and ocarinas, and electronics — 5:00
Sara Parulski, Sopr. Instruments
Trevor Mowry, Alto Instruments
Matt Barber, Tenor Instruments
Barber's Dozen (2008)
For metallophones and electronics
Baljinder Sekhon, Steel Pan
Brian Heveron-Smith, Vibraphone
Rob Sanderl, Glockenspiel
Chris Hartford, Tubular Chimes
Andy Akiho, Steel Pans
Baljinder Sekhon, Glockenspiel
Interface Chapel (2008)
For Solo Contrabass, Obbligato Contrabassoon and Contrabass Clarinet, 3 Oboes, 3 Clarinets, 3 Celli, and Electronics — 26:00
Full Version
Scott Worthington, Solo Bass
Robert Pierzak, Conductor 1
Matt Barber, Conductor 2
Steven Rice, Audio Engineer
(1st Performance)
Paul Coleman, Audio Engineer
(2nd Performance)
Solo Version
Scott Worthington, Solo Bass
Calliope (2002-2006)
For Electronic Playback – 4:00
Arranged here in a spectrum from “driest” to “wettest.”

The driest ones deliver the greatest clarity to the pitch dimensions of the piece, and the wettest ones approach something which may be regarded as a continually evolving timbre.
transistor:burthen (2005)
For three composers – 7:00
A collaboration with Scott Petersen and Paul Coleman.
Scott Petersen (transistor),
electric guitar
Paul Coleman (:),
keyboard electronics
Matt Barber (burthen), recorders
Hall of Mirrors (2003)
For solo handwhistle, homemade glass instruments, and electronics – 18:00
Jairo Duarte-López, Conductor 1
David Plylar, Conductor 2
Aaron Travers, Conductor 3
Kevin Ernste, Audio Engineer