(sounds from native North and South American cultures)

In this directory we will be placing samples from indigenous North and South American cultures. Currently, all of the soundfiles within this directory are percussive (idiophone and membranophone) sounds \(em shakers, rattles, bell shakers and drums. Many of these soundfiles are multisamples -- alternative recordings of the same sound, with variations in pitch, timbre, articulation or duration. Currently, all of these soundfiles are from native North American ("Indian") sources, and all were taken from the Didgeridoo and other primitive instruments compact disc/DAT tape in the ECMC sound source library.


  • There are 3 rattles, each available in multiple soundfile "hits," labeled rattle3, rattle4 and rattle5. [Note that there are two rattles, also both with multiple soundfile "hits," within the sflib/perc directory labeled rattle1 and rattle2]
  • rattle3 : There are three versions of rattle3, named rattle3.1, rattle3.2 and rattle3.3. Stereo versions of these soundfiles (STrattle3.1 through STrattle3.3) also are available. The pitch of all of these soundfiles is approximately f5.
  • rattle4 : There are four rattle4 soundfiles -- rattle4.1 through rattle4.4 \(em in both mono and stereo (ST) versions. The approximate perceived pitch of these soundfiles varies between about g5 and a5.
  • rattle5 : There are two rattle5 soundfiles in both mono and stereo versions, pitched at approximately ef6.


  • These are short (circa .2 second) high pitched soundfiles of single shakes of three high pitched shakers.
  • shaker1 is pitched at about ef6. There are four soundfile hits, shaker1.1 through shaker1.4 and four corresponding stereo versions (STshaker1.1 through STshaker1.4).
  • shaker2 is pitched at about g6. There are four mono soundfile hits, shaker2.1 through shaker2.4, but no corresponding stereo versions, since the stereo originals on the compact disc contained very little stereo channel separation.
  • shaker3 is pitched at approximately a6. There are 5 mono multisamples of this shaker: shaker3.1 through shaker3.5.
  • [Note: Many additional shaker soundfiles are available in the sflib/africa directory.]


  • There are four bellshake soundfiles in both mono and stereo versions. These are numbered from shortest (bellshake1, .338 seconds) to longest (bellshake4, .521 seconds). In terms of pitch, bellshake2 is the lowest -- approximately ef6; bellshake3 and bellshake4 are pitched in between ef6 and e6, and bellshake1 is the highest pitched, sounding at approximately e6.


  • The pitch labels of the five indiandrum soundfiles are only approximate. These drums have a resonant, somewhat metallic quality, except for indiandrum.b2.dry.