ECMC PVC example file twarp4

/sflib/x example soundfile "twarp4" is a linear mix of two soundfiles, produced by ECMC PVC examples "twarp4-1" and "twarp4-2."

The first 1.05 seconds of the analysis file is read forwards
and backwards, following the shape of the first half of a sine wave:
gen5 -L1000 .5 1. 0 | reshape -M1.05 > /$SFDIR/f1
time_point=/$SFDIR/f1 # int, float or FUNC
lower_time_boundary=$SFDIR/f1 # int, float or FUNC
upper_time_boundary=$SFDIR/f1 # int, float or FUNC
The output duration is increased to 5.82:
duration=5.84 # CHANGE the 0 to the desired output duration.
The analysis is read at 1/2 the original speed:
rate_multiplier=.5 # int, float or FUNC
The pitch is transposed down a major 7th:
pitch_transposition_in_semitones=-11 # int, float or FUNC
But 80 herz is added to all frequencies:
frequency_shift=80 # int, float or FUNC
The output gain is increased to compensate for amplitude attenuation resulting from the processing:
gain_in_decibels=9 # int, float or FUNC

"twarp4-2" is identical to example "twarp4," but also includes EQ parameters to add 12 dB of gain to frequencies 800 hz and above, and to attentuate frequencies below 100 hz by 12 dB

To see the source files for "twarp4-1" or "twarp4-2" type
pvcex twarp4-1 or else getex twarp4-1 pvcex twarp4-2 or else getex twarp4-2