ECMC PVC example file twarp2
ECMC pvc example twarp2 actually is a linear mix of 2 soundfiles, created by ECMC PVC example files "twarp2-1" and then "twarp2-2". Like example "twarp1," both resyntheses use the analysis file of "voicetest" ("post-processed by various") previously created with pvanalysis example "pvanalysis.voicetest", but create different function files to control the "playback speed" (rate) at which this analysis is read, and use only the first 1.05 seconds ("post-processed by ...") of the 1.46 analysis file
In example "twarp2-1," heard first, the analysis is read forwards from beginning to end, but is read very slowly at first, then rapidly speeds up:
gen4 -L1000 0 0 4 1 1.05 > $SFDIR/timepointfunc
(The values in the table begin at 0 and end at 1, but increase in value slowly at first, and very rapidly at the end.) This function is applied to the following resynthesis parameters:
time_point=/$SFDIR/timepointfunc # int, float or FUNC
lower_time_boundary=$SFDIR/timepointfunc # int, float or FUNC
upper_time_boundary=$SFDIR/timepointfunc # int, float or FUNC

By contrast, in example "twarp2-2," which follows in soundflie /sflib/x/twarp2 after a second of silence, a different timepoint function causes the analysis to be read rapidly at the beginning of the resynthesis, but then to slow down dramatically:
gen4 -L1000 0 0 -4 1 1.05 > $SFDIR/timepointfunc

To see the source files for "twarp2-1" or "twarp2-2" type
pvcex twarp2-1 or else getex twarp2-1
pvcex twarp2-2
or else getex twarp2-2