ECMC PVC example file inharm1

ECMC PVC and /sflib/x example "inharm1" is a linear mix of 4 source examples: inharm1-1, inharm1-2 inharm1-3 and inharm1-4 In all three examples the duration of the source violin tone is cut in half and the output gain is reduced slightly to prevent clipping in some of the examples. The PVC program "chordmapper" provides many (but not all) of the same sound modification resources available with "inharmonator." ECMC PVC example "chordmapper3" is very similar to "inharm1," creating the same modifications with somewhat different procedures. The sources for these 2 examples also are very similar: inharm1-1 corresponds to chordmapper3-1, inharm1-2 to chordmapper3-2, inharm1-3 to chordmapper3-3 and inharm1-4 to chordmapper3-4.

"inharm1-1" creates straight resynthesis (no timbral alterations) of the source violin tone. The inharmonator frequency is set to 196, matching the fundamental frequency of the source violin tone.

In example "inharm1-2", the second tone, only partial one is altered. This partial is shifted down a major seventh in frequency and its amplitude is boosted by 12 dB. All other partials are attenuated (by a specified value of 9 dB, although actually there is less attentuation than this).

In example "inharm1-3" the frequencies of partials 1 through 5 are raised by increasing amounts (partial 1 is raised a minor ninth, partial 2 a major ninth, partial 5 an eleventh. The gain of these 5 target partials by about 3 dB, while the gain of all other partials is attenuated slightly.

In example "inharm1-4" the inharmonator frequency is changed and set to 392, double the frequency of the fundamental of the violin tone. Odd numbered partial frequencies are altered by ratios alternating between a major 2nd lower and a major second higher than the original.
See the 4 source files ("inharm1-1" through "inharm1-4") for details.