ECMC PVC example file convolver3
ECMC PVC examples "convolver3" mixes together in succession examples "convolver3-1" and "convolver3-2."

In "convolver3-1", heard first, the timbre moves from a cello tone through convolution (frequencies common to both source sounds) to a flute tone -- the reverse of what we hear in examples "convolver2." Additionally, the duration is stretched to 1.5 times that of the original cello tone. See "convolver3-1" for details on how all of this is achieved.

"convolver3-2" illustrates usages of convolver's "panpot_domain_warp" controls for sounds A and B to emphasize the convolution between the two source sounds and de-emphasize the source sounds themselves. This file is identical to "convolver3-1" in every respect except for values of +4 in the panpots for Sounds A and B:

Sound_A_panpot_domain_warp=4 # 0
Sound_B_panpot_domain_warp=4 # 0
See example "convolver3-2" for more details.