ECMC PVC example file chordmapper3
ECMC PVC example "chordmapper3" illustrates that "chordmapper" can be
used for many (but not all) of the same types of detuning operations as the
PVC program "inharmonator." This example is very similar to ECMC
PVC example "inharm1." Like "inharm1," it mixes, in succession, 4 source soundfiles,
which were created by ECMC example script files chordmapper3-1, chordmapper3-2,
chordmapper3-3 and chordmapper3-4.

In chordmapper3-1, which created the first note, source soundfile
/sflib/string/vln.g3 is resynthesized with no alterations, to provide a
reference for the following 3 examples. Not much of interest here, except
by way of comparison. The resulting tone is practically identical to that
produced by ECMC PVC example "inharm1-2."

In chordmapper3-2, the second tone, only harmonic one (the fundamental)
is altered.  This harmonic is shifted down a major seventh in frequency and its
amplitude is boosted by 12 dB. All other harmonics are attenuated by
9 dB. Compare with ECMC example "inharm2-3."

In example "chordmapper3-3" the frequencies of partials 1 through 5 are
raised by increasing amounts (partial 1 is raised a minor ninth, partial2 a
major ninth, partial 5 an eleventh. The gain of these 5 target
partials by about 3 dB, while the gain of all other partials is attenuated
slightly.  Compare with example "inharm1-3" -- there is almost no difference.

In the final tone, created by example file "chordmapper3-4," the frequencies of
odd numbered harmonics  1, 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11 are altered by ratios
alternating between a major second lower and a major second higher than the
original frequencies, while the even numbered harmonics, and those above 
harmonic 11, are unaltered.  In contrast to the earlier three tones, this
examples differs audibly from its twin, "inharm1-4," since there is
no parameter in "chordmapper" that corresponds to the
parameter in inharmonator.

For  details on how each of the four tones within "chordmapper3" was
realized see ECMC PVC example file "chordmapper3-1" through "chordmapper3-4."