ECMC PVC example file bandamp1
[Note: bandamp is an older PVC program available only on the 
ECMC SGI systems. There is no Linux version of bandamp.]

ECMC PVC and /sflib/x example "bandamp1" is a linear mix of two source examples: bandamp1-1 (heard first) and then bandamp1-2.

Example "bandamp1-1" : uses the frequency response file of a fragment of a soprano tone created by example "freqresponse1 The input soundfile is the same soundfile (/sflib/voice/sop1.ds4) on which the freqresponse analysis was performed aiffinput=/sflib/voice/sop1.ds4 # created by ECMC example script "freqresponse1" In the resynthesis, only partials with intensities between -20 and -96 dB are used. All of the stronger partial frequency components - those with intensities above -20dB - are eliminated:
WINDOW_upper_threshold_in_dB=-20 # int, float or FUNC
WINDOW_lower_threshold_in_dB=-96 # int, float or FUNC

The result is a type of unvoiced singing, emphasizing the noise components within the tone
The time varying amplitudes of the partials are smoothed out to eliminate artifacts that might otherwise occur:
envelope_attack_in_seconds=.1 # int, float or FUNC

envelope_release_in_seconds=.1 # int, float or FUNC

To restore some of the amplitude lost by eliminating the stronger frequency components we increase the output amplitude by 12 dB:
gain_in_decibels=12 # int, float or FUNC

Example "bandamp1-2" is identical to example "bandamp1-1" except that a violin tone (/sflib/string/vln.b3) is used as the input soundfile, rather than the soprano tone as in "bandamp1-1" aiffinput=/sflib/string/vln.b3