vbaplsinit — Configures VBAP output according to loudspeaker parameters.


Configures VBAP output according to loudspeaker parameters.


vbaplsinit idim, ilsnum [, idir1] [, idir2] [...] [, idir32]


idim -- dimensionality of loudspeaker array. Either 2 or 3.

ilsnum -- number of loudspeakers. In two dimensions, the number can vary from 2 to 16. In three dimensions, the number can vary from 3 and 16.

idir1, idir2, ..., idir32 -- directions of loudspeakers. Number of directions must be less than or equal to 16. In two-dimensional loudspeaker positioning, idirn is the azimuth angle respective to nth channel. In three-dimensional loudspeaker positioning, fields are the azimuth and elevation angles of each loudspeaker consequently (azi1, ele1, azi2, ele2, etc.).


VBAP distributes the signal using loudspeaker data configured with vbaplsinit. The signal is applied to, at most, two loudspeakers in 2-D loudspeaker configurations, and three loudspeakers in 3-D loudspeaker configurations. If the virtual source is panned outside the region spanned by loudspeakers, the nearest loudspeakers are used in panning.


See the entry for vbap8move and vbap8 for examples of usage of the vbap opcodes.


Ville Pulkki: Virtual Sound Source Positioning Using Vector Base Amplitude Panning Journal of the Audio Engineering Society, 1997 June, Vol. 45/6, p. 456.

See Also

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Author: Ville Pulkki
Sibelius Academy Computer Music Studio
Laboratory of Acoustics and Audio Signal Processing
Helsinki University of Technology
Helsinki, Finland
May 2000

New in Csound Version 4.07