v Statement

v — Provides for locally variable time warping of score events.


The v statement provides for locally variable time warping of score events.


v p1


p1 -- Time warp factor (must be positive).


The v statement takes effect with the following i statement, and remains in effect until the next v statement, s statement, or e statement.


The value of p1 is used as a multiplier for the start times (p2) of subsequent i statements.

i1   0 1  ; note1
i1   1 1  ; note2

In this example, the second note occurs two beats after the first note, and is twice as long.

Although the v statement is similar to the t statement, the v statement is local in operation. That is, v affects only the following notes, and its effect may be cancelled or changed by another v statement.

Carried values are unaffected by the v statement (see Carry).

i1   0 1  ; note1
i1   1 .  ; note2
i1   2 .  ; note3
i1   3 .  ; note4
i1   4 .  ; note5

In this example, note3 and note5 occur simultaneously, while note4 actually occurs before note3, that is, at its original place. Durations are unaffected.

i1   0 1
i.   + .
i.   . .

In this example, the v statement has no effect.