upsamp — Modify a signal by up-sampling.


Modify a signal by up-sampling.


ares upsamp ksig


upsamp converts a control signal to an audio signal. It does it by simple repetition of the kval. upsamp is a slightly more efficient form of the assignment, asig = ksig.


asrc  buzz      10000, 440, 20, 1     ; band-limited pulse train
adif  diff      asrc                  ; emphasize the highs
anew  balance   adif, asrc            ;   but retain the power
agate reson     asrc, 0, 440          ; use a lowpass of the original
asamp samphold  anew, agate           ;   to gate the new audiosig
aout  tone      asamp, 100            ; smooth out the rough edges

See Also

diff, downsamp, integ, interp, samphold