tabrec — Recording of control signals.


Records control-rate signals on trigger-temporization basis.


tabrec   ktrig_start, ktrig_stop, knumtics, kfn, kin1 [,kin2,...,kinN]


ktrig_start -- start recording when non-zero.

ktrig_stop -- stop recording when knumtics trigger impulses are received by this input argument.

knumtics -- stop recording or reset playing pointer to zero when the number of tics defined by this argument is reached.

kfn -- table where k-rate signals are recorded.

kin1,...,kinN -- input signals to record.

The tabrec and tabplay opcodes allow to record/playback control signals on trigger-temporization basis.

tabrec opcode records a group of k-rate signals by storing them into kfn table. Each time ktrig_start is triggered, tabrec resets the table pointer to zero and begins to record. Recording phase stops after knumtics trigger impulses have been received by ktrig_stop argument.

These opcodes can be used like a sort of ``middle-term'' memory that ``remembers'' generated signals. Such memory can be used to supply generative music with a coherent iterative compositional structure.

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Written by Gabriel Maldonado.