Eastman Computer Music Center (ECMC)
CMP 226 : Introduction to Computer Music Techniques

Course syllabus for

semester 2, spring 2015

Staff email addresses and phone numbers:
Allan Schindleraschindler AT esm.rochester.edu274 1575
Clay Mettens mettensmusic AT gmail.com
Zach Sheets zachsheets91 AT gmail.com
Nikolas Jeleniauskas nikolas.jeleniauskas AT gmail.com
Michael Fraziermichaelfraziermusic@ AT mail.com
James Garber centurylife AT gmail.com
Jason Buchananjasontbuchanan AT gmail.com
Studio phone in room 53274 1578

(In all of the email addresses above, delete the word "AT" and the surrounding spaces, and substitute the @ symbol.)

Some "emeritus" staff members who continue to provide valuable expertise and assistance for ECMC concerts and activities, and whom you may get to know:
Matt Barbour, Steven Rice and Paul Coleman

The following course materials and documents are available for your use this semester :

Recommended texts for second semester work, available in room 53:

These books should never leave the ECMC studios!
You also may wish to browse through some of the other hardcopy books in the ECMC library in the bookshelf in room 53.

Online reading and resources: